National Runner Up's in the philips code to care challange 2020

Philips code 2 care is a PAN India competition organised by Philips which invites tech enthusiasts across the country to propose their innovation in technology. We as team 'Piedpiper' targeted “Enhancing Viewing and Diagnosing Capabilities of Medical Practitioners”, majorly those who are remotely stationed.

When our Presentation and idea proposal was selected for the finale along with 8 other teams across india, we worked along with a mentor allotted by Philips, and aimed at getting the best possible solution to the problem statement and implementing it. We were successful in scaling the solution.

We worked on studying various types of models and research papers that are specific to the problem and came up with a WebRTC based end to end encrypted DICOM viewer.

Our’s was the first presentation and our research was praised by the panel in the finale due to which we won the title of NATIONAL RUNNER UP for Philips Code to Care Challenge 2020.   

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