National finalist in the philips code to care challange 2020

Philips code 2 care is a National competition organised by Philips which focuses on Tech in healthcare. We as team 'Sublime' chose the topic “Advanced collision detection and managemetn in medical equipments”, which aimed to solve the problem of collisions and accidents caused by X-ray machines and free moving medical equipments.

When our Presentation and idea proposal was selected for the finale along with 8 other teams across india, we worked along with a mentor allotted by Philips, and aimed at getting the best possible solution to the problem statement and implementing it.

We worked on studying various types of sensors that are specific to the problem and came up with TI mmwave sensor which will help in avoiding accidents and also not damage the equipment. This sensor could easily fit into the existing medical equipments without much modification and was found to be successful at detecting human parts to prevent any accidents.

Our dept faculty Prof. Virendra Verma sir also helped us in gaining deep knowledge about sensors, later we aligned the sensor with the medical equipments and wrote a code to make sensor work specific to our need.

Out entire presentation and work was praised by the panel in the finale. For more inforamtion  Click Here