Dr. Navita Gurbani

  • Designation: Assistant Professor
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  • Qualification:  Ph.D. , MBA , B.COM
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Education and Qualification:

S. No.









Vikram University, Ujjain



Finance & Marketing


Vikram University, Ujjain





DAVV, Indore

Work Experience: 10 years
Research Details:

Research Interests

Banking, Insurance, Design Thinking


1.      Research Paper Publications

(I)      International/National Journal Publications

  1. Published Paper, “Effect of Pandemic on share price of Indian IPOs launched: An Empirical Study” in Prabandh Journal of Management Education and Research, The Annual Management Journal of FMS, Udaipur (Raj.)

2. “Customer Perceptions on Virtual Banking-Literature Review”, International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering (http://www.ijmra.us), ABDC Journal, ISSN: 22490558, Vol.8, Issue10(1),pp.115124.October2018. http://www.ijmra.us/project%20doc/2018/IJMIE_OCTOBER2018/IJMIEOct18.pdf

3. "Virtual Banking Adoption in Public and Private Sector Commercial Banks of Indore City (M.P) India", International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (www.jetir.org), ISSN:2349-5162,Vol.5,Issue10,pp.76-88.October2018. http://www.jetir.org/papers/JETIR1810563.pdf 

 4. Published a paper in UGC Approved, ARASH: A Journal of ISMDR, on “Customer Perceptions on Virtual Banking- Literature Review”, Vol. 6.No.1 &2, June –December 2016. ISSN: 2231- 2072

Other Details:

1.      List of Conferences/Workshops/Seminars Attended

1.     Presented paper titled “Fin-Tech: Pre-Post Covid19 with special Reference to India” in International Online Conference by Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore (M.P)`

2.     Presented a paper in AICTE Sponsored International Seminar in Oriental College of Management, Bhopal, on “A conceptual study on factors influencing the growth of Virtual Banking in India”, May 2015.

3.     . Presented a paper in National Conference by Christian Eminent College, on “Entrepreneurship: A Key factor in encouraging Structural Transformation in Developing Economies” April 2014.

4.     Presented a paper in National Multi-Conference by LNCT, Indore on “Empirical study on Employee Engagement by using Gallup Survey at Bharti Airtel Mumbai”.Aug2011.

5.     Presented a paper in National Conference of PIMR, Indore on “M-Commerce –its10 components and their role in India”. Sept2010.

6.     Presented a paper in National Conference PrCon2010 in Prestige Institute of Management Dewas on “A journey from innovation to Intensification: Innovative services adopted by firms which led to intensification of rural segment in Indian economy”.Feb2010.

7.     . Presented a paper in National Conference of Shri Vaishnava Institute of Management on” A study showing the role of micro finance n reducing the susceptibility of deprived sector with reference to Indian economy.”April2010.

8.     Presented a paper in National Conference of Shri Vaishnava Institute of Management on” Green Accounting facilitating new measure of economy: Green GDP”. April2010.

9.     Presented a paper in National Conference of LNCT, Management Education and Research Indore on” A study on diversified decisions adopted by firms for enhancing the wealth of shareholder”. Oct.2009.

10.  Published a paper in Annual journal, Prabandhan & Taqniki, on “Green accounting and Green GDP”. Issue Feb 2009.ISSN.0974-8563