Testing and Consultancy

List of Consultancy Project:

S. No. Name of Faculty Project title Funding Agency Year
1. Dr. P.P. Bansod Expert advice for assessment of Hospital. MY Hospital, Indore 2015
2. Mrs. Gauri Gupta Equipment inspection in health care departments Directorate of Health service, M.P. 2015
3. Dr. J.T. Andrew GSM Testing Shri Ram offset printers 2016
4. Dr. J.T. Andrew Microscopic data analysis for dental Shri Aurobindo College of dentistry, Indore 2016
5. Dr. P.P. Bansod Service and maintenance of medical Equipment MGM College, Indore 2017
6. Dr. P. P. Bansod Service and maintenance of medical Equipment Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya (Hospital), Indore 2017
7. Dr. P.P. Bansod Gas pipeline supply maintenance MY Hospital, Indore 2017
8. Dr. P.P. Bansod & Dr. B.R Rawal Recruitment Exam for various post of MPPHSCL Madhya Pradesh Public Health Service Corporation Limited 2019

List of sponsored research from outside:

S. No. Name of Faculty Funding Agency Fund Issued
1. Dr. J. T. Andrew AICTE 1180000