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1.  NEW  Tender Enquiry for Test Copies
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    Due Date: 15-09-2023

2. Tender Enquiry for Lab Reactor in the Department of Pharmacy
    Tender Document: <View>  
    Due Date: 25-09-2023

3. Tender Enquiry for Mediclaim Policy
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   Date Extended Due date: 28-08-2023  <View>


Please refer Custom Bid on GeM for purchase of equipments under RPS –AICTE Project of
Dr. Vineet Singh- Pharmacy:

1. Bid No.: GEM/2023/B/3481951 Dated 24-05-2023 for Double Wall Jacketed Lab Reactor
Assembly 1 Ltr. Bid End date 14.06.2023 at 17:00

2. Bid No.: GEM/2023/B/3484746 I Dated 24-05-2023 for Immersion Cooler. Bid End date
14.06.2023 at 16:00 

NOTE: "Authorization Letter  in favour of Director, SGSITS Indore must be enclosed with your
             quotes, without this the quotation will not be considered"