The department possesses a well-equipped Language Laboratory. For the fulfillment of its teaching and research goals, the department has competent faculty members who keep pace with the current developments in their fields of specialization.

English language lab:-

Our Department is equipped with a state-of-the-art language lab, leveraging technology to create an immersive learning experience. The Language Lab runs with 41 PCs and required software from reputed digital language lab software provided. The lab is occupied 100% of the time. On Saturdays and Holidays, it is available for other users. Interactive software and multimedia resources provide students with hands-on opportunities to improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening skills. Additionally, we employ language learning apps and online platforms, enabling students to practice outside the classroom and at their own pace.

Emphasis on Spoken Communication: We understand the significance of effective verbal communication in various professional settings. Therefore, in addition to the software in the lab. We also conduct some activities to enhance the communication skills of the students. Regular debates, presentations, interactive discussions, group activities, and role-playing exercises to simulate real-life scenarios and public speaking are integrated into the curriculum of the lab, allowing students to build confidence and articulate their ideas eloquently.

The Department has the unique role in complementing and enhancing the scientific spirit and technical knowledge with the humane and social values.