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Session:- March 2022-June-2022

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-06-2022  I Year B.Tech. Pre-detention Notice <View>

21-05-2022   First Year Mid-Sem-II Time-Table <View>

20-04-2022      First Year Mid-Sem-I Time-Table <View>

First Year B.Tech.  Class Time Table for SEM B <View>

Note: Information for I Year B.Tech. Students--
    I Year B.Tech. students, in case of any query, please contact their mentors or Head, 1st Year.
    Head 1st Year: Dr. Sarika Tiwari
, Assistant Professor,
                                  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                  Contact No. 07312582112 + Ext. no.-2660

Session: August 2021 - January 2022

 Revised First Year B.Tech. Class Time-Table for Semester Oct. 2021-Jan. 2022 <View>
 First Year B.Tech. Scheme 2020-21 (Common to all Branches) | Download | PDF | 196KB |


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