I Year Information

# Important Phone numbers for Students <View>

Session Jan. 2024 - June 2024

Updated Syllabus of EE10015 <Download>

20-04-2024 : Session Extension Notice <View>

20-04-2024 : Preliminary detention Notice I-Year <coming soon>

25-02-2024: I Year B.Tech. Mid-Term-Test-I Time Table <View>

29-01-2024: I Year B.Tech. Class Time-Table for Sem. "B" (Jan. 2024-June 2024) <View>

10/01/2024: Important Circular about the commencement of I Year BTech classes of Sem B <View>

S. No. Name of Department Mentor-Mentee List (2023-24)
1 Biomedical Engineering  <Click Here
2. Civil Engineering & Applied Machanics        <Click Here
3. Computer Engineering  <Click Here
4. Electrical Engineering  <Click Here
5. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering  <Click Here
6. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering  <Click Here
7. Industrial Production Engineering  <Click Here
8. Information Technology <Click Here
9. Mechanical Engineering Department <Click Here
B.Tech. I Year Previous Year Question Papers
 1  Basic Electronics  <Click Here>
 2  Chemistry  <Click Here>
 3  Fundamentals of Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics  <Click Here>
 4  Programming for Problem Solving  <Click Here>
 5  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering  <Click Here>
 6  Engineering Graphics  <Click Here>
 7  Mathematics-I  <Click Here>
 8  Mathematics-II  <Click Here>
 9  Physics  <Click Here>
 10  Technical English  <Click Here>

B.Tech. I Year Scheme-Syllabus Common to all Branches
Scheme Grading 1st Year 2023-24   <View>
Scheme Grading 1st Year 2022-23   <View>
Syllabus Grading 1st Year 2022-23   <View>
Scheme Grading 1st Year 2021-22   <View>

Note: Information for I Year B.Tech. Students--
    I Year B.Tech. students, in case of any query, please contact their mentors or Head, 1st Year.
    Head 1st Year: Dr. Neeraj Jain
, Professor,
                                  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                  Contact No. 07312582112 + Ext. no.-2660