#include IT club

#include IT club

The official techno-learning club of SGSITS IT department


  1. Mrs. Megha Kuliha, Assistant Professor, Department of IT
  2. Dr. Lalit Purohit, Associate Professor, Department of IT 

About the club

The club is the technical club of SGSITS which was started in November 2017. The club was made by IT students who felt the need to have a practical approach to the technical aspects of engineering. Since its inception, the club has become a city-wide sensation and is successfully hosting various contests and sessions. This technical community includes around 30 members from three batches.


The motive of the club is to create a student learning community, which will coordinate and help each other gain technical knowledge. We aim to provide learning opportunities by collaborating with technical companies and institutions. We have a vision that every student passing out of SGSITS and belonging to the community will be technically skilled and have gained soft skills necessary for every future endeavour.


  1. Hackindore 2.0

Students were to discuss any one of the problem statements in detail. Only the design and idea of how they will develop the solution to the problem were required. This was just the problem statement that is given to shortlist the candidates. The hackathon on 28th and 29th September had completely different problem solutions.

   2.  Data Structure Session: The motive of the session was to help students improve their problem-solving skills and data structure and algorithms understanding and encourage them to indulge in competitive programming. The main focus of the session was to introduce students to different data structures and their applications.

  3. Introduction to Git: This session was framed to familiarize the greenhorns of our community to step in the field and understand the technologies that are going to improve their efficiency and sharpen their skills.

  4.MERN Stack Bootcamp: The Event was aimed for 2024 Batch to introduce them with MERN stack and help them build a project using it.

5.Webinar hosted in collaboration with GDSC and AlgoUniversity:

The Event was aimed at 2023 and 2024 Batch to guide them about important placement strategies for the upcoming placement session. A coding contest was also organized right after the session. 


Kashish Chugh (President), Harshal Singh Roshan (President), Rashi Saxena (Design Head), Sarthak Jain (Managerial Head), Roli Jain (Head of External Affairs), Aman Arya (Coordinator), Anusha Pahariya (Coordinator), Kashish Purswani (Coordinator), Nishant Singh Rai (Coordinator), Rishabh Mahawar (Coordinator), Sarthak Modhe (Coordinator), Shreyansh Shukla (Coordinator), Shuja Qureshi (Coordinator), Yashraj Solanki (Coordinator)