Department Programme Assessment and Quality Improvement Committee 

S. No. Year Minutes
1. 2023-24 Jan. 2024 <Click Here>
2. 2022-23 May 2023<Click Here> 
Dec. 2022<
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3. 2021-22 Nov. 2021<Click Here>
June 2022<Click Here>
4. 2020-21 <Click Here>

DPAQIC Committee for 2023-24 & 2024-25

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Vandan Tewari       Head of the Department
2. Prof. D. A. Mehta Prof., Dept. of Comp. Engg., SGSITS, Indore
3. Dr. Urjita Thakar Prof., Dept. of Comp. Engg., SGSITS, Indore
4. Dr. Arun Parakh Prof., Dept. of Electrical. Engg., SGSITS, Indore
5. Prof. Maya Ingle Prof., School of Comp. Science & IT, DAVV, Indore
6. Dr. Namita Mittal Associate Prof., MNIT Jaipur
7. Mr. V. R. Sathe IT Consultant, Indore