List of Eligible Guides
S. No. Name of full time teacher with Ph.D. /D.Sc. / D.Litt. /LLD Year of Recognition as Research Guide Area of Specialization
1. Dr. Urjita Thakar  2015 Information Security,
2. Dr. Sunita Varma  2015 Cloud Computing,
Big Data Analytics,
Internet of Things 
3. Dr. Vandan Tewari  2015 Data Mining,
Data Analytics,
Machine Learning,
Database Engineering
4. Dr. Anuradha Purohit  2016 Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence,
Software Engineering
Theory of Computation              
5. Dr. Lalit Putohit  2019 Machine Learning,
Web Services,
Web & Information Security

List of Ph.D Students

S. No. Enrollment No. Name of Ph.D. Scholar Date of Registration Title Name of Guide
1.  0101CS14PD05  Mr. Deepika Jain  03.06.2017  Development of Comprehensive Optimization Strategy for Wireless Sensor Network using Metaheuristic approachers Dr.Piyush Shukla,                        Dr. Sunita Varma
2.  0801CS16PD05  Ms.Neha Sehta  01.10.2019  Investigations in Meta-Learning Approaches to Algorithm Selection for Optimization Problems.  Dr.Urjita Thakar
3.  0801CS16PD06  Mr. Yunus Khan  13.09.2017  Development & Implementation of Evidence Collection strategy for Cloud Forensic.  Dr. Sunita Varma
4.  0801CS17PD01  Mr.Ashok Kumar Mewafarosh (QIP)  09.11.2022  Web User's Intent Discovery Using Machine Learning Techniques  Dr.Urjita Thakar
5.  0801CA18PD04  Ms. Shraddha Soni  15.10.2018  A Study of Shilling Attacks on Multi-Criteria Collaborative Filtering in Recommender System.  Dr.Sunita Varma
6.  0801CS18PD24  Ms. Poorva Shukla  03.10.2018  The Study of Intelligent Transportation System for Smart Vehicles in VANET.  Dr.Ravindra Patel RGPV,           Dr. Sunita Verma
7.  0801CS18PD26  Ms. Shraddna Kumar  01.10.2018  "Investigations in Proteomics for Identification of Peptides Using Deep Learning."  Dr.Sunita Varma                         Dr. Anuradha Purohit
8.  0801CS18PD27  Mr. Veerendra Shrivastava  05.10.2018  "Design and Development of an Integrated Security Testbed Framework for Vulnerability Assessment in IoT Environment."  Dr.Sunita Varma                         Dr. Vandan Tewari
9.  0801CS19PD01  Ms. Anushree Pandya  01.04.2021  Dr.Urjita Thakar
10.  0801CS19PD02  Mr. Manoj Dhawan   "A Secure Framework for Sensitive Data in the Healthcare Domain."  Dr.Lalit Purohit
11.  0801CS19PD03  Ms. Shubhangi      Pande  22.11.2022  Dr.Anuradha Purohit                   Dr. Neeraj Kumar Rathore
12.  Mr. Anil Kumar  Dr. Lalit Purohit
13.  Mr. Rajendra Singh Daboriya(QIP)  Dr. Lalit Purohit
14.  Mr. Shadab Khan
 Dr. Lalit Purohit
15.  Mr. Manoj Chouhan  Dr. Vandan Tewari