R & D Activities

Name of Faculty Project Title Project Type Research/Consultancy Funding Agency Amount Duration
Dr. Arun Parakh India Leadership & Management Programme 2020/21 under the scheme of UKIERI AICTE Technical Leadership Programme. Leadership Skill Development AICTE & Dudley College of Technology UK - 2020-21
Dr. Shailendra Sharma Analysis, Design and Control of Power Electronics Converter for Grid Integrated single-phase Solar Rooftop System Research M.P. Council of Science & Technology 9.62 Lakhs


Dr. Shailendra Sharma Wind Energy Conversion System, Theory Practices and Operations Research MHRD under GIAN 5.4 Lakhs 2016-17
Dr. Arun Parakh Developed high-Performance Computing Lab Research IIT, Delhi 5.5 Lakhs 2016-17
Dr Arun Parakh Installation of Solar Water Heater, Computer Lab and Automatic Turning Target/Firing result computerized display device Consultancy Rustamji Armed Police Training College (RAPTC), Indore - 2016-17

Modernization of Power Electronics Drives Laboratory

The laboratory facilities in the field of motion control have been enhanced with the support of the MODROB grant of AICTE during years 2013-14. Various lab facilities such as chopper-based DC drives, PMSM drives, SRM drives, photovoltaic panel trainer kit, and power quality analyzer have been procured with the grant head.

Research Faculties: 

Dr. Shailendra Sharma

Research Status:


Research Cost:

16 Lakh 90 Thousand

Research Agency: