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                                                                    Council of Electrical Engineers
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Council of Electrical Engineers provides opportunities to Electrical engineering students of the department to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by organizing professional meetings with research and engineering establishments, arranging industrial field trips and expert lectures on diverse topics, motivating them to be a part of the society to perform welfare activities.

The club provides a platform for students to take part in various workshops; conferences and technical events which enhances their voluntary capabilities and organizing skills to a greater extent thereby strengthening their overall engineering personality beyond the syllabus.
Extra technical curricular activities performed by the students under the banner of the CEE club.

CEE aims to give all-around exposure to innovation, creativity, critical thinking, project building, and co-curricular beyond studies. We deal with this pantheon of domains under the guidance of the Electrical Engineering Department and aim to nourish the technocrat in students along with personality development.

Name and Contact Information Professor in Charge:  Mr. R.S Mandloi

                                                                         Contact Number: 7312582204

The Club has members of the Electrical Engineering Department from all years and its student representative is the President of the club who has been elected by the members of the club.

Faculty Coordinator- Mr. R.S Mandloi

Secretary- Mahikshit Purohit

Advisory Board Members:

Ankita Agrawal                Manu Srivastava        Nikita Runghe

Ashish Mishra                  Parth Parikh

Mahee Jain                       Vranda Totla

Technical Head: Simrah Anam Sheikh

Treasurer: Saksham Dariya

Creative Head:  Deepika Mangrol         Jinesh Sanghvi



  • To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the people of the Department of Electrical Engineering SGSITS.
  • To Spread awareness about electrical equipment and safety rules and regulations.
  • To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the society.

Supervise students to excel in both curricular and co-curricular activities-

  • Coordinate activities, workshops, and expert lectures for imparting knowledge to the students.
  • To Provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters through departmental magazines and newsletters.


  • Every member of the club is to maintain ethical relations and provide the best within their limits.

The Actions of members must not hinder or defame the integrity of the Department and Clubs-

  • Members must demonstrate abilities and qualities in such a manner to earn recognition for exceptional service.
  • Loyalty to your club's members must be maintained.
  • Members should be cautious with their criticism and be generous with their praise “To develop, not damage’’ should always be in mind.

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