Testing and Consultancy

CAD-Project Lab:-

The lab under take various research modeling, analysis project of field interest.

The lab possesses following equipment:-

  • Stratasys FDM Creform rapid prototyping system
  • Handyscan 3d scanner
  • BenQ CAD modeling system
  • Software- ANSYS15.0, Unigraphics, HyperMesh AutoCAD, IDeaS

Material Testing Laboratory:-

Material testing laboratory is one of the oldest laboratories in the department. The laboratory is engaged in conducting experiments at both UG and PG level. The laboratory is also used for outside testing jobs. It has facilities for tensile test, torsion test, bend test, hardness test etc. The laboratory also provides consultancy services in the related areas. 

Equipment : It is equipped with various material testing machines e.g. universal testing machine (50 tons), universal testing machine (10 tons), impact testing machine (charpy and izod), torsion testing machine, transverse testing machine , hardness testing machine (brinell, vickers and rockwell) etc.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory:-

In addition to academic purpose, the laboratory serves various testing and consultancy facilities like: pipe test, V-notch calibration, pump performance test, valve test, consultancy for water transmission and supply etc. Lab In charge Dr.B.More.

Equipment: 1.Hydraulic pump and turbine test rig 2.wind tunnel 3.water hammer test rig 4.jet centrifugal pump 5.hydraulic bench for various fluid mechanics practical: 2 nos etc.

Vibration & Noise Control Laboratory:-

Facilities in the area of vibration testing, modal testing, and natural frequency test, FFT Analysis, Rotor balancing, critical speed test, sound measurement etc. are available.


Equipment available:-

  1. OROS four channel vibration Analyzer
  2. NI based vibration measurement hardware and software system
  3. Accelerometers and proximity probes for vibration measurement
  4. Instrumented hammer (Impact hammer)
  5. Balancing Machine (50 kg)
  6. Sound level meter
  7. Machinery fault simulator
  8. Two and four channel oscilloscopes