Panel Discussion on "Civil Engineering in Real World"

"Learning never exhausts the mind.”–Leonardo da Vinci

During this pandemic, students are gaining only theoretical knowledge. In order to know exactly what they need to learn about the world around them, how to enhance the learning system that can further bridge the gap b/w humans and their surroundings, GS Production House and Club Trivim are bringing a panel discussion on the topic 'Civil Engineering in Real World' by many Intellectuals that have worked in the same field.

They will be talking about:
•The impact of this pandemic.
•How to deal with the current situation.
•What will be beneficial for students.

Date - 13th June 2021
Time - 11:00 AM
Platform - Google meet and live streaming via GSPH's Youtube channel.
Live Streaming on YouTube channel

To register for the event click on the link -

Organized by -

CLUB TRIVIM (Official Students Club of Department of Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics)
In association with GS Production House

Trivim Panel Discussion 13th June 2021