The Department has procured tables and chairs for the laboratories under TEQIP-II project and are being used.

Department Library

Department has an excellent library containing 440 books with approximately 150 titles. These books includes mainly the reference books for research purpose. The library was established under the funds received from SMDP-I and SMDP-II projects funded by DeitY, Govt. of India

Research Lab

The Department has an excellent research lab with state of art EDA tools like CADENCE, Mentor-Graphics, Synopsys. The Lab also has test and measuring instruments including Agilent 64- channel Logic Analyzer, Xilinx FPGA logic probe, Agilent 20MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Agilent Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Tektronics 100MHz DSO, Programmable Power Supply,Virtex-2Pro FPGA Development Boards, Spartan-3E FPGA Development Boards. In addition to these research activities department has also procured 3GHz spectrum analyser, 3GHz RF Synthesizer and 8GHz Vector Analyser under World Bank project TEQIP-II.

Lab : Sensors and Transducers

Equipments:Temperature Measuring Workbench, Level Measuring Workbench, Strain Gauge Trainer, LVTD trainer, Wheatstone Bridge, RTD Trainer Kit, Thermister trainer kit, Multimeters, CROs.

Lab : Basic Electronics Devices

Equipments: Digital Oscilloscopes, Function generators, Power Supplies, Diode characteristics trainer kit, Transistor characteristics trainer kit, Regulated single and Dual power supply, Digital Multimeters.

Lab : Process control

Equipments in this laboratory are procured under World Bank project (TEQIP-II) and installed successfully.

Equipments: Rotameter, flapper nozzle, flow control system (PID), level control system (PID), PLC controllers, Cascade control system, lift Simulator model, Heat Exchanger, Bottle filling plant model, P, PI, PD, PID trainer kits.

Lab : Fibre Optics and Photonics

Equipments: Optical power meter, Optical trainer kits (ST2501, ST2502), Continuity tester, Glass fibre cable, ST-connectors, Fibre optic and digital communication experimental benchmark, Multiplexer/Demultiplexer trainer kit, Encoder/Decoder trainer kit.

Lab : Network Analysis and Synthesis

Equipments : Trainer Boards: Thevenin's theorem, Norton's theorem, Superposition theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, Reciprocity theorem, OPAMP 1st order LPF, Butterworth LPF/HPF, 4th order band pass filter, CRO, multimeters.

Lab :Analog Electronics

Equipments :Advance Analog Lab Workstation with solderless Bread Board,Diode Characterstics (PN Junction, Zener, LED, Tunnel, Schottky), (NPN & PNP) Transistor Characterstics of CB, CC and CE, FET Characterstics, Rectifier Circuit Board, Diode based Clamper & Clipper board, Zener Voltage Regulation (Line & Load), Transistor series & Shunt voltage regulation Board, Voltage Multiplier & Voltage Follower Board, Peak detector Module Board, V-I and I-V Converter, F-V and V-F Converter, RC Coupled Amplifier board (with and without Feedback), Transformer Coupled Amplifier board, Direct Coupled Amplifier board, FET Amplifier, CE,CB & CC configuration Amplifier, Cascode and cascade Amplifier, Differential Amplifier (Transistorized), DC Amplifier, VCO, Schmit Trigger & Comparator, Operational Amplifier(Inverting/Non Inverting/Differential) ,Operational Amplifier(Adder/Scalar),Window Comparator, Op-amp as Log/Antilog amplifier, Automatic gain controller, Kelvin's Double Bridge , Lissajous Pattern Trainer, Sample & Hold Circuit, Fiber Optic Analog & Digital Link, Transistor as a switch , Sinusoidal Study State Response Of Parallel RLC Circuit Trainer, Sinusoidal Study State Response Of SERIES RLC Circuit Trainer, Two port ladder network trainer, T & Pie network Trainer, Transient analysis of RC/RL circuit, Transient analysis of RLC circuit, Tellegen's Theorem, Norton's Theorem, RLC Resonance Trainer, Tchebyshev Filter (LPF and HPF), Notch Filter (active + passive), Passive Attenuator (T & Pi), K-Derived filter, M-Derived filter, M-Derived band pass and band reject filter, Filter/Noise & audio Amplifier Kit, Active Filters (LPF+HPF), Active Band Pass Filter, Two Port network parameters (h,y,z), Optical Transducer (Photovoltaic Cell), Optical Transducer (Photoconductive Cell/LDR), Optical Transducer (Photo Transistor), Temperature Transducer (RTD & IC based), Dual channel Analog Signal Analyzer, Phase shift Oscillator, Wien Bridge Oscillator, Colpitts & Hartley Oscillator, Clap Oscillator, phase shift oscillator (Transistorised), maxwell's Bridge, Desauty Bridge, Schearing bridge, Class A, Class B (Push Pull) & Class C Tuned Amplifier, Crystal Oscillator, Sine and Cosine Oscillator (OP-AMP based)

Lab :Digital Electronics

Equipments :AdvanceDigital Lab Workstation with solderless Bread Board,Basic Logic Gate Experimental board, Universal gate Nand/NOR gate, Ex-OR gate implementation & application, experimentation with Demorgan's Therorem, Code Conversion( Binary to Gray & gray to binary), code conversion (BCD to excess-3 code), Binary Adder/Substractor, Encoder-Decoder, Multiplexer-Demultiplexer, Flip-flops(RS,JK,D & T), shift registers(4bit SIPO), 4 bit synchronous binary counter, 4 bit binary ripple counter (up-down), BCD to 7 segment Decoder, Digital to analog concerter (R-2R ladder), 3-digit event counter, Johnson Counter, 4 bit parallel adder, 4-bit magnitude comparator, 8 bit Ring counter, parity generator & Checker, Modulo N Programmable counter, Multivibrator Trainer module(Astable,Bistable & Monostable), 8 channel Digital Signal Analyser, Event Counter, Keyboard Encoder, Transfer Characterstics TTL & CMOS inverter.

Lab : Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Equipments : 8085 microprocessor boards, Peripheral devices, 8051 microcontroller boards, Logic Analyser, 8086 microprocessor kits and peripherals.

Lab : Electronic Workshop Product Design

Equipments : PCB design facility, Drilling machine, Soldering irons and stands, Soldering tools and kits.

Lab : Fundamentals of Measurement

Equipments : Hay's bridge, Maxwell's bridge, Desauty bridge, Weins bridge oscillator, measurement of Temperature using Thermister trainer, LVDT trainers, strain gauge, displacement transducers using inductive transducers.

Lab : Advanced VLSI Design-1 Lab

This lab was set up under Special Man-Power Development Programme (SMDP-I) funded by Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Government of India. Students of UG and PG use this lab for carrying out practical on Xilinx and Tanner EDA tools.

Equipments : Software: Xilinx EDA tool Tanner EDA tool Hardware: CPLD boards FPGA (Spartan and Virtex) boards

Lab : Advanced VLSI Design-2 Lab

This lab was set up under Special Man-power Development Programme (SMDP-II) funded by Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Govt. of India. This lab is Start of art lab for research in VLSI field. M. Tech. and Ph. D. students use this lab for carrying out research work.

Equipments : EDA tools: Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys.