• Designation: Assistant Professor
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  • Qualification: M.Phil, M.Sc. , MBA,Ph.D (pursuing)
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Education and Qualification:
 S.No. Degree Specialization Year University
 1.  M.Phil.  Chemistry 2012 Vikram University Ujjain
 2.  M.Sc  Physical Chemistry 2002  Govt. Holkar Science College Indore (MP),
 3.  B.Sc  CBZ 2000 Govt. Holkar Science College Indore (MP),
 4.  MBA  HR  2011  IGNOU
Work Experience:
S.No.EmployerDesignationDepartmentDuration of Employment-In MonthsDate of JoiningMode of Employment
 1. BM College of Technology, Indore Asst. Professor Eng Chemistry 12 months 2021 Temporary
2. LNCT College, Indore Asst. Professor   12 months 2020 Temporary
3. Mathuradevi Institute of Technology and Management, Indore Asst. Professor

B.Tech. And B.Pharma (Eng. Chemistry & Environmental Studies)

 7 Years 2010 Temporary


  1. Study on Water Quality Index & Status of Three Rivers (Khan, Narmada and Kshipra) “International Journal of Scientific Research in Multidisciplinary Studies”, Issue 10,pp.23-32,October (2019). EISSN- 2454-9312, P-ISSN- 2454-6143. Rubina Chaudhary, Snehlata
  2. Assessment and Impact Study of Pesticides Residue Pollution in River Water- A Review “International Journal of Scientific Research in Multidisciplinary Studies” Volume-5, Issue-4, 01-14, April (2019), E-ISSN: 2454-9312, P-ISSN: 2454-6143. Rubina Chaudhary, Snehlata Soni.
  3. Waste Water Treatment by Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Technology “Research Journal of Recent Science” Vol-7, issue11, (2018). Snehlata Soni.
  4. A Novel and Simple Approach to Spectrophometric Determination of Phosphate in Soft Drinks “Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches” ISSN-2348-8034. Snehlata
  5. Comparative Status of Heavy Metals in Indian Rivers – A Review (Under Processing).


  1.  2022 ( 27th June to 1 July ) : AICTE
  2.  2020: (9 Nov to 12 Nov) Workshop- Online National Awareness Workshop on “UGC-DAE CSR Fcilities”-Organized by UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Mumbai  Center  & SWAYAM Cell,HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar-Garhwal, Uttarkhand.
  3. 2020: (During Lockdown Session): 28 conference webinar attended National and International level. (28 digital certificates are achieved).
  4. 2018: (5-10 Aug) – “5th International Virtual Congress”-Organized by –International Science Community Association
  5. 2018: (23 –June) – “National Conference on Footprints of Research Trends in Science for Sustainable Development of Society”-Organized by- Christian Eminent College, Indore
  6. 2018 :( 24-March)- “National Seminar on Innovation and IPR” ,organized by- SAGE ,University,Indore
  7. 2017: (6-March) - Marathon- organized by- Mathuradevi Group of Institutions, Indore
  8. 2011: (25-26 Nov) “National Conference on Social, Educational, Technology and Medicinal Relevance of Chemistry”-Organized by-School of Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Vikram University, Ujjain
  9. 2011 :( 12-13b March)- “National Seminar on Water & Environment” ,Organized by-Dept.of Geology .Govt.MVM,Bhopal (MP)
  10. 2011: (18-19 Feb) – “National Conference on Energy Conservation for Sustainable Development”-Organized by – Gyan-Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur
  11. 2011: (28- 30 Jan) – “1st India International Energy Summit”- organized by- Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
  12. 2006: (11-12 March) – “Clinical Research Workshop”-organized by -Sri Aurbindo Medical College & Hospital, Indore.