Administrative Committees

Managing Committee of Governing Body 

Vice-Chairman, Governing Body Chairman
Commissioner Technical Education Member
Two local Members of the Governing Body Member
Governing Body member in the Professor's Cadre Member
Director Member Secretary

Finance Committee

Principal Secretary/Secretary Chairman
Governing Body Member (Professor's representative) Member
Commissioner Technical Education M.P. Member
AICTE Nominee Member
Director Member

Appeal and Grievance Committee

Director, Technical Education, M.P., Bhopal Chairman
One member from Judiciary or nominated advocate Member
One Teacher Representative nominated by Governing Body Member
Director of the Institute Member Secretary

Institute Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC)

Institute Order  <View>

Director Chairman
Prof. R. C. Gupta (Dean Administration) Member
Prof. S. M. Narulkar (Dean Students Affairs) Member
Prof. Neha Kawthekar Member
Prof. A. Dalpati Member
One Student Nominated by the Director Special Invitee

Discipline Committee

1 Prof. Rakesh Saxena, Director Chairman
2 Prof. Sandeep Narulkar (Dean S.W.) Convenor
 3 Prof. Rakesh Khare (Dean Academics) Member
 4 Prof. R. C. Gupta (Dean Admin) Member
 5 Prof. N. S. Sapre (Dean Skill D. & P.) Member
 6 Prof. V. R. Rode (Sr. Professor) Member
 7 Prof. S. V. Charhate (Sr. Professor) Member
 8 Prof. Avadesh Dalpati (Sr. Professor) Member
 9 Prof. B. S. More (Chief Warden) Member
 10 Prof. D. S. Ajnar (I/C Security) Member
 11 Prof. Manish Jaiswal  Member
 12 Shri Suresh Paswan  Member
 13 Dr. Sachin Balsara Member
 14 Shri B. K. Tiwari (I/C Library & NSS) Member
 15 Shri Manish Panchal (I/C CCTV Surveillance) Member
16 Ms. Sarika Tiwari (Head First Year) Member
17 Ms. Neha Patkar Member
18 Ms. Priyanka Bamne Member
19 Ms,. Gauri Gupta Member
20 Ms. Mayura Kemkar Member
21 Dr. Vipin Kaushik Member


Anti Ragging Committee

  1   Dr. Rakesh Saxena 9425055536 Chairman
  2   Prof. R. C. Gupta 9425072465 Member
  3   Prof. S. M. Narulkar 9826083317 Member 
  4   Prof. (Mrs.) S. V. Charhate 9425081539 Member 
  5   Prof. V. R. Rode 9424051405 Member 
  6   Dr. J. T. Thomas 9425903487 Member
  7   Dr. Avadhesh Dalpati 9425032209 Member
  8   Dr. (Mrs.) Anjana Jain 9993700373 Member
  9   Dr. B. S. More 9826553150 Member
  10   Dr. Nitish Gupta 9926497917 Member
  11   Dr. B. K. Tiwari 9827339448 Member
  12   Dr. Manish Jaiswal 9039631143 Member
  13   Dr. Sarla Chouhan 9753848757 Member
  14   Dr. Vipin Kaushik 9926908007 Member
  15   Sh. R. C. Gurjar 9229580811 Member
  16   Ms. Neha Patkar 9165697274 Member
  17   Sh. Ravi Jatola 9827824009 Member
  18   Sh. Rohit Kumar Anchaliya 9754790720 Member
  19   Sh. Deepak Sharma 9826060838 Member
  20   Nominee of Collector - Member
  21   Nominee of Superintendent of Police - Member
  22   Nominee of Press Club - Member

Anti Ragging Squad 

S.No.  Name of Member  Contact Number S.No. Name of Member  Contact Number
1 Prof. (Mrs.) S. V. Charhate 9425081539 10 Dr. B. K. Tiwari 9827339448
2 Prof. S. M. Narulkar 9826083317 11 Dr. (Mrs.) Sarla Chouhan 9753848757
3 Dr. J.T. Andrews 9425903487 12 Dr. Vipin Kaushik 9926908007
4 Dr. B. S. More 9826553150 13 Ms. Neha Patkar 9165697274
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Anjana Jain 9993700373 14 Ms. Nidhi Oswal 9826431432
6 Mr. Mukul Shukla 9827353152 15 Dr. S. Paswan 9039520529
7 Dr. Neeraj Jain 9827225340 16 Sh. Ravi Jatola 9827824009
8 Dr. Manoj Choukse 9425026029 17 Ms. Megha Kuliha 9977933519
9 Dr. Manish Jaiswal 9039631143 18 PA to Director 9406621782

SC/ST Students Redressal Committee

Dr. H. K. Maihar 9425348331
Dr. R. S. Gamad 9827507103
Dr. Awadhesh Dalpati 9425032209
Dr. S. Bhongade 9826689727
Ms. Nidhi Oswal 9826431432

Core Research Committee

S.No. Name Department
1 Prof. V. Tare Dean R & D, CIvil Engineering
2 Prof. R. K. Khare CIvil Engineering
3 Prof. A. Jain E & TC 
4 Prof. J. T. Andrews Applied Physics and Optoelectronics
5 Prof. B. R. Rawal Mechanical Engineering
6 Prof. M. Shukla Information Technology
7 Dr. S. K. Jain E & TC 
8 Dr. L. Purohit Information Technology
9 Dr. A. Purohit Computer Engineering
10 Dr. M. Choukse Mechanical Engineering
11 Dr. R. Navalakhe Applied Mathmatics and Computational Science
12 Dr. N. Gupta Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology 
13 Dr. S. Tiwari Humanities and Social Sciences 
14 Dr. V. Singh  Pharmacy
15 Dr. K. K. Dhakad  Industrial and Production Engineering
16 Dr. S. Chouhan  Applied Mathmatics and Computational Science

Internal Complaint Committee
The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) of the following members is constituted in accordance with "Sexual Harrassment of Women at Workplace" (Prevention, Provision and Redressal) Act 2013:

S.No. Name of Members Contact No.
1 Dr. Neha Kawathekar
Convener 9827020644 
2 Dr. Smita Verma
Associate Professor
Member 9826295135 
3 Mrs. Swati H. Mehta
High Court Advocate
Member 9826422766 
4 Mrs. Richa Dhaigude
Junior Instructor
Member 9993130051 
5 Ms. Julie Parmar
Asst. Grade-II
Member 9993558255
6 Ku. Ranjan Parmar
M.E. Civil (Struc.) II Sem.
Member 9630945044 
7 Ku. Rani Kumrawat
B.Tech. CSE III Sem.
Member 8319578165
8 Ku. Shraddha Dwivedi
B.Tech. Mech. III Sem.
Member 8875304650