Managing Committee of Governing Committee

Vice-Chairman, GB Chairman
Director of Technical Education Member
Two local Members of the G. B. Member
G. B. member in the Professors’ Cadre Member
Director Member Secretary

Finance Committee

Principal Secretary/Secretary Chairman
G. B. Member (Professor's representative) Member
Director Technical Education M.P. Member
AICTE Nominee Member
Director Member

Appealand Grievance Committee

Director, Technical Education, M.P., Bhopal Chairman
One member from Judiciary or nominated advocate Member
One Teacher Representative nominated by Governing Body Member
Director of the Institute Member Secretary

Institute Students Redressal Committee (SGRC)

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Director Chairman
Prof. D. A. Mehta (Dean Administration) Member
Prof. S. M. Narulkar (Dean Students Affairs) Member
Prof. Madhavi Verma Member
Prof. A. Dalpati Member
One Student Nominated by the Director Special Invitee

Institute Discipline Committee

Dean Students Welfare Chairman
Dean Administration Member
Dean Academics Member
HOD I Year Member
Prof. Mrs. S. V. Charhate Member
Prof. H. K. Mahiyar Member
Prof. Mrs. Meena Tiwari Member
Prof. Avadesh Dalpati  Member
Prof. M. D. Mahajan Member
Prof. D. S. Ajnar (Incharge Security) Member
Dr. Manish Jaiswal (NCC and Sports Incharge) Member
Shri Manish Panchal (Incharge CCTV Surveillance) Member
Dr. B. K. Tiwari (Incharge NSS and Librarian) Member
Shri Suresh Paswan (Warden) Member

SC/ST Students Redressal Committee

Dr. H.K. Maihar 9425348331
Dr. R.S. Gamad 9827507103
Dr. Awadesh Dalpati 9425032209
Dr. S. Bhongade 9826689727
Ms. Nidhi Oswal 9826431432

Women Development Cell

The institute has a Women Development Cell to promote growth of women employees. This cell has five lady staff members
as committee members:

Mrs. Sandhya V Charhate (Professor) 9425081539
Mrs. Rekha Jain (Assistant Professor) 9826407049
Mrs. Swati Chaugaonkar (Assistant Professor) 9826043068
Mrs. Vibha Bhatnagar (Assistant Professor) 9893522259
Mrs. Sonu Airen (Assistant Professor) 9827367478