Expert Lecture : Vedic Mathematics: Applications in Modern Science and Technology

Date : 27-05-2023

Expert: Shri. Ramesh Morkhandikar
JKMS foundation
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Venue: Board Room, Main Building, SGSITS, Indore

Program Coordinator: Dr. Smita Verma

The lecture has been organized for faculty members and PG students . The lecture has been delivered by Shri. Ramesh Morkhandikar.He has discussed the concept of Bharatiya Ganit Shastra [वेदिक गणित], its application in modern mathematical processes, there by bringing awareness about rich Indian heritage in field of science and technology. It has been attended by PG students and Faculties of the  Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. The lecture is very much beneficial and fruitful for the students as well as teachers.