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  • Qualification:  Ph.D., UGC NET
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About Faculty: Dr. Neeraj Kumar Jain is the recipient of ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship in Economics. Besides his core area i.e., economics, he is the facilitator for Entrepreneurship course in the institute. Additionally, he is the mentor of E-Cell, Coordinator of Start-up cell, convener of Institutional Innovation Council and Coordinator of SISP Steering Committee. His research area includes Rural Economics, Political Decentralization and Entrepreneurship.
Education and Qualification:

S. No.






Ph. D.

Political decentralization &



MPISSR, Vikram University



Tribal Economics


School of Economics, DAVV, Indore



Quantitative Economics


School of Economics, DAVV, Indore


B. Sc.



PMB Gujrati Sc. College, DAVV


5. Qualified UGC NET 2000
Work Experience: Has an extensive  experience of 18 years in academics
S.No. Details of Publications in National/International Journal

Tribal Livelihood and Poverty Issues: A Study Of South Western Tribal Belt of M.P.

Eds. ‘Democratic Governance and Human Development’, 2012 pp 325-345, ISBN 0978-316-0559- 2,


Nutrition and Income Poverty - A Study Of South Western Tribal Belt of M.P

Ambedkar Journal of Development and Justice, , vol. 20, 2012 pp 108-116 ISSN: 0973-6646


Identification Of Factors Affecting The Choice Of 1200 Cc Passenger Car Segment – A Case Study Of Central India

UdyogPragati, vol. 36 no. 4, Oct. –dec. 2012 pp 1-11 ISSN:0970-3365


Panchayat’s At Work: Challenge From Remote Rural Areas Of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Journal Of Social Science, Vol. 16 No. 2, 2011 pp. 1-15 ISSN: 0973-855X


Factors of Product Customization for the 1200cc Passenger Car Segment: An Empirical Study in Central India

Indian Journal of Marketing Vol. 44 No. 7, July 2014 pp 18-29 ISSN 0973-8703

6. “Factors of Product Customization for the 1200cc Passenger Car Segment: An Empirical Study in  Central India” pp 18-29,Indian Journal of Marketing Vol. 44 No. 7, July 2014,ISSN: 0973-8703

Resource Convergence In MGNREGA and Its perspectives: A Critical Analysis Since 2009 ;Research Front Vol.X;ISSN: 2250-2653


Indian Disinvestment Journey: Trends And Its Budgetary Perspectives;Research Front Vol.X;ISSN: 2250-2653


Social Entrepreneurship: A new Business Model to understand Bharat Perspective;Arthavati; ISSN: 2348-2060


Study of Pros and Cons in Education System using Big Data in Indore City;Arthavati; ISSN: 2348-2060

Other Details:
 List of Conferences/Workshops/Seminars Organized :
1.Three-day lecture series on ‘Bhartiya Gyan Parampara’  in collaboration with Centre for Ancient Indian Mathematics SoDSF, DAVV, Indore from 14-16 July2022
2.Poverty Dynamics –A study of South Western Tribal Belt of MP

3.International Seminar on Environment Development and Poverty, School of Economics, Indore/
Nov 18th to19th 2005

4.Nutrition And Income-Expenditure Pattern: An Empirical Study Of S-W Tribal Belt of M.P.
‘National Seminar on Micro Finance and Rural Transformation’ School of Economics, Indore/ Sept15th to16th 2011

5.Rural-Urban disparity in MP
Journal of M.P. E.A. Vol. XVII, No. 1, 2006 pp 154-162

 Invited Lectures/Expert Talks/Chairmanships at Conferences:

Delivered Expert talk on National Innovation & Startup Policy - 2019 organized by E-Cell and CIDI,

SGSITS, Indore on 20th December, 2020

Took   two  sessions:  first   on  “Entrepreneurial   Endeavours:   Grabbing   Opportunities,   Design

Thinking and MVP” and Second on “Business Model, Funding and Support” at Samrat Ashok

Technological Institute in STARTUP CONCLAVE-2019 (April 8-12) on 10th April, 2019.

Delivered Expert talk on Identification of Business Opportunities and Mechanism of Product Selection on 14th October 2019 in three days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp during 14-16

October 2019 organised by SGSITS, Indore

Delivered expert talk on Importance of NSS services to the Society NSS Day Occasion SGSITS

Indore on 24th September, 2019

Took session on Startup cell Opportunities on April 10th 2018 in a two-days STTP on LASERS &

OPTICAL COMMUNICATION during April 09-10, 2018 at SGSITS, Indore

Took session on Entrepreneurial Traits on Jan 20th 2017 in a two-days workshop on

Entrepreneurship Development and Idea Generation during Jan 19-20, 2017

Took session on Entrepreneurship: the Need of the Day on 25th August 2017 in three days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp during 24-25 August, 2017 organised by CEDMAP at SGSITS,


Delivered an expert talk in a Week-long Orientation Course on Social Action Research (SAR) for Research Scholars on 20th May, 2018 on the theme Rural Technology, Transformation &

Community Development organized by

Shared expert opinion in National Symposium held on 12th Jan 2018 on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

University of Social Sciences – Mhow 'Community Leadership' for theme – “Sustainable Development”, organized by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences – Mhow